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The original Frank Merriwell stories which thrilled untold millions
in previous generations, including your parents....
Are now available in Hardbound and Paperback form!!!

The series of books that enthralled millions of young men some generations ago, literally outselling the Bible (with a total of 500 million copies between 1896 and 1918), is being revived, and the ideals, life, and society of the first quarter of the century are recaptured in stories of the greatest adventure and sport ever written.

It is a nostalgic trip back to when heroes were humble, fearless, and unbeatable. But most of all, they believed in fair play. The never-say-die spirit of this hero and the ideals of personal honor guide Frank Merriwell in thousands of moments of adversity.

Frank Merriwell's career led him from Fardale Academy to the playing fields of Yale College, with incredible journeys abroad. Greatly athletic, he broke tackles with winning touchdowns and was at his best against Harvard in upholding the "old democratic spirit" of Yale. he played virtually every position in baseball, and his double shoot - a pitch which curved two ways - could not be hit. He boasted a .1000 batting average in clutch situations, and his reflexes were sharp.

His real stature lay in his moral strength, however. He never harbored grudges. He rose above all injury or odds, and he faced down innumerable villains whom he not only defeated, but also reformed. Frank Merriwell is the democratic ethic in action. He epitomizes the roots of America. He spurned the idea of using money or influence in making his way. He fought his own battles. He believed in deeds, not words, and he confronts danger - doesn't avoid it. He is all-American - honest, courageous, law-abiding, and never shirking his duties.

Now is the opportunity for you to relive stories of a hero who loves the game. Again, it is the ninth inning, there are two out, the bases are full, Yale is behind 3 to 0, and Frank Merriwell is at bat. The count is three and two, and ---. Rich in fun in all branches of sports and athletics, the Merriwell novels are exciting, and the hero is inspirational. So relive a time when hard work was a prerequisite for success. Read and be thrilled by the most exciting adventures of modern times

 "The Southeastern Conference is inspecting the fingernails and peering behind the ears of the University of Kentucky's athletics, where, Judge Saul Streit has reported, he detected some traces of grime. It is to be hoped that the investigation is undertaken with the tolerand realization that boys will be boys, now as in all times past.

    "It has been pointed out that man is an imperfect being and the alert eye will discover flaws in the greatest of our sports heroes. Evidence has been submitted that even the immortal Frank Merriwell of Yale was, for all his matchless physical gifts, a cheat, a braggart, a bully, a sly trickster, a card shark, a poltroon, and unkind to animals to boot...

From "Mucker Merriwell" (1952), written by Walter W. ("Red") Smith, who later covered sports most famously for the New York herald Tribune (Reprinted from Harvard Magazine, May-June 1998.)