Frank Merriwell is indeed back!

It's a nostalgic journey back in time to an age when America's heroes were humble, fearless, and unbeatable. Frank Merriwell is timeless and inspirational. He rose above all injury or odds and faced down innumerable villains, always fighting his own battles, never trying to avoid danger.

These books have been described as "rich in fun and thrills in all branches of sports and athletics. They are extremely high in moral tone and cannot fail to be of immense benefit to everyone who reads them..." Stories full of adventure, sport, and moral strength ring as true now as when they were written and can be enjoyed by you as a nostalgic look back in time, exciting and inspirational reading, and as a valuable addition to your library.

To find out more about Frank Merriwell, download the Frank Merriwell information packet, which includes some of Frank's many press clippings in local and national publications, as well as kind words from fans young and old.


An audacious and all-encompassing book about New York's underground, The Subway and the City has everything a fan of the city and its trains could want.
568 Pages with more than 400 photographs, including over 375 vintage pharagraphs
never before seen in print!
It's available in hard-cover, for $39.95
and soft-cover, for $29.95